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The landscape of IT management has changed greatly over the past few years. With the outbreak of the pandemic and cybersecurity attacks, organisations adapt quickly and move into new workforce solutions to ensure business continuity and productivity.

With cybersecurity in mind, IT teams will now need to spend more time and effort to manage and maintain their IT infrastructure and devices to cope with compliance.





At Rah Tech, our focused Managed Services assist our customers to complete the modern IT management lifecycle. We fill the gaps that IT teams have challenges to manage, we provide services from initial stage of sourcing all the way to proper data destruction and e-waste disposal.

We are able to forecast your IT needs with an operating expense where you will be worry free of maintaining this equipment. You will no longer need to worry about unforeseen costs arising or put up with long waiting time for replacement parts from manufacturers.

Our dedicated team of IT Specialists will offload on your mandate tasks of administrative work, patch management etc; allowing your IT to free up their time. Our services are flexible and 24×7 around the clock to monitor and respond to your critical Business Operations.

Proactive Vulnerability Management, Backup Verification Checks and Cybersecurity Awareness Training for your employees are all available as well to enhance your business resilience against cyber threats.



Our consultants are certified CISO and qualified to provide Cybersecurity advisory to our customers. Rah Tech is also ISO27001 certified and follows strict practices of proper management of our customers’ data.

With the launch of Singapore Cyber Safe Programme by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA), Rah Tech is also well versed in the requirements to assist your organisation embark on your cybersecurity journey.  This certification provides you with the guidance to implement cyber hygiene measures against common cyber-attacks. It also provides recognition of your cybersecurity practices to your business partners.

Rah Tech’s Managed Services coverage will allow your organisation to achieve Cyber Essentials Mark easily. We can also advise you on the steps to gain this reputable recognition for your organisation.


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