Discover a tailored professional IT support service that is designed to suit your organisation’s requirements.

IT Consulting

IT Support

We provide IT Support to you and your staff on a daily basis for any questions or technical problems that may arise.

IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We provide a wide range of IT solutions to our clients. The diverse skillset of our team and agreements with numerous technology suppliers means that we can find a solution to suit every situation and every budget.

IT Support

IT Consulting

We have the resources and expertise to provice you with the best IT advice for your situation. Whether you operate a small home-office or a mid-tier enterprise, we are able to help.


IT Staff Outsourcing

For small businesses, key benefits will be to lower monthly overhead costs, benefits, training and costs with having an employee. A good IT setup will not require daily manual IT routines. For mid-tier businesses, you will face high costs to hire a high level engineer and not fully utilising his skillset and time . Therefore, why not consider an outsource staff to get the most out of your investment.

IT Support – Every Day
Rah Tech specialises in delivering remarkable IT Support for businesses in Singapore, and across South East Asia.
We will walk the extra mile.

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